We’re changing home
building for the better

We’re changing home <br />
building for the better

The CleverTick Story

Travis Robbins was tired of seeing new-home contracts fall over because of time constraints, confusion and lack of information in the planning process.  He felt frustrations from builders,suppliers and more importantly new home buyers.

Travis set about developing an easy-to-use tool that would make building a new home simpler. That tool is now CleverTick. It saves time and frustration for builders.  It makes new home buyer choices quicker, easier and more informed. It helps suppliers reach their market. And it helps everyone enjoy the excitement of watching a dream home come to life. In fact, we think CleverTick is so clever, it will be able to help other industries in the future too.

The CleverTick Future

Are you part of an industry that offers customers lots of products, plenty of choice or a range of customisation options? Then you should speak to us. 

The powerful technology behind the CleverTick digital platform can be easily tailored to different products and industries, giving your clients an easier way to see, select, price and buy, helping you enjoy more sales and happier customers.